Reflections on My Christmas Eve and Christmas 2021: 25 December 2021

White Christmas tree with warm white LED lights and blue and silver ornaments

I’m not going to lie; the last few weeks leading up to Christmas have been pretty difficult for me.

Christmas Eve yesterday was really hard. A couple I and others care about have either been antagonistic or given us the silent treatment after we expressed concern about them not being vaccinated and for their health and safety; they responded by appearing to expose themselves and their children to further risk by engaging in riskier behaviors and settings. It’s to the point our normal Christmas conversation will not take place. (Their choice, not mine. I tried to mend bridges for our senior members’ sakes.)

And our next door neighbors threw a Christmas Eve party inviting many of the neighbors except us. (No, I haven’t done anything wrong.) That really all hurt like hell.

But, I received many well-wishes from family and friends around the world. (Thank you.) My husband Noel cooked a wonderful Christmas meal. And I also got to spend the day with our close friends Garth, Renee, and Lynne, who helped take my mind of those troubling things. I really enjoyed the day, the food, and their company. I’m so very grateful for those things and these people and these moments.

I’m happy I’ve learned to live in the present, and I’ve accepted (mostly) to change what I can change and accept what I can’t change.

I hope you all have similar experiences where you can enjoy these holidays in those moments with people who bring out the best for you.

Peace be with you and the ones you love.

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