Pandemic Lockdown Day 32: 26 April 2020

I had a lot of dreams last night, a mix of work and real life, which is not the ideal dream ratio to have on a weekend. One dream stood out to me: The Place Where I Work (for whatever reason) was in a new premises. (I think it is earthquake and pandemic dreams mixing.) We were in some large store in a strip mall, the premises subdivided to make the store into smaller areas. One area was a large lecture room, the windows having walls over them, a large projection room at the top. A “stage” area and screen area were opposite the wall of windows (now covered). There was a large open recess in the wall between the left of the projection area (as you faced it, so facing where the windows used to be) leading into another area where the light was allowed to get in.

It was the first day back from the COVID-19 lockdown, and most of the students, in a sign of solidarity, had bought and worn really classy cheerleader outfits with the school initials on their shirts. In the States, it was a sign of school pride that the cheerleaders and football players (among other sportspeople, I would guess? I can’t remember) would wear their uniforms on the Friday before a game.

I admit, there were a few students who work their normal school uniforms, and these were the students who arrived late. But many of the students wore these crisp white tops with stunning red-and-white pleated skirts (modest too), with the blood red school initials on their tops. They were all immaculately groomed.

When I asked them why they did that, they said they were proud to be students at the school, and after all the hard work we had completed for them, they bought the uniforms to show their solidarity with the school. The Principal, the Student Officer, and I — the only people from the school in my dream — were so very honored.

I woke up this morning after some weird way I was breathing caused some very strange sound coming from my nasal cavity kept waking me up.

After eating breakfast, I played Final Fantasy XV most of the day.

I had a break for a shower, but kept playing beyond that.

I got pretty far, and I found it very relaxing.

We watched TV and YouTube, having a reheated casserole I made yesterday for dinner. There’s enough left over for tomorrow night too. Just the way I planned it.

On social media over the last few days, it’s absolutely amazing the amount of people still defending Trump after 50,000+ dead and nearly 1 million infected with COVID-19 in the USA up to this point. Staggering statistics, but yet, the die-hard followers just can’t grasp that the man is a con, a fake, a snake-oil salesman, an absolute danger to the United States of America whose inaction and ineptness has killed a staggering fifty thousand people (plus) over the last few months despite having seventy-plus days in order to act. Had he acted a week earlier, facts point to a reduction of sixty percent in the infection rate. Had he acted two weeks earlier, facts point to a reduction of ninety percent in the infection rate in the USA.

The facts speak for themselves. Really, no one can argue against good, solid facts.

Yet, some of the poorly educated will. Thus is life.

In New Zealand, we had 9 new COVID-19 cases: half confirmed, half probable. (I know that works out to 5-to-4 or 4-to-5, but I can’t remember the ratio at the moment.) All related to existing cases. While this is a rise from the 5 in each of the proceeding days, these still are linked to existing clusters or cases. We need to expect fluctuations.

Tomorrow, at 11:59 PM, we emerge from Level 4 lockdown into Level 3. One of my colleagues called it Level 3.9, due to it being closer aligned to Level 4 than Level 3 from pre-lockdown, and she is right. But it is so we can remain safe.

On a different front, The Man I Once Loved has not contacted me back at all since his attempted call at 6:49 AM local time yesterday morning (when I was fast asleep). For a while, I did get upset because it seemed like such a sudden step forward and then a large, prolonged retreat backwards again. And then I realized (again) that I can only control what I can control, and I was better off not letting him and his actions upset me like they have done for decades.

So I played Final Fantasy XV instead and had fun.

I hope you and your loved ones are well, staying safe and sticking to your “bubble”. Kia kaha.