The Best Photo I’ve Ever Taken… So Far

Derelict Cottage on Isle of PinesI took this photo on the Isle of Pines in New Caledonia on 31 December 2002.  To this day, I feel this is the best photograph I have ever taken, mainly because everyone who sees it says it’s such a great photo.  We have even had photography teachers want to use this photo in their lessons!

I keep saying that I’m not a photographer; I’m not.  But I do “see” things, if that makes sense.  This cottage and the foliage around it screamed, “Take a picture!” to me.  And more often than not, what I see in my mind’s eye when I see these things tends to translate pretty well onto film.  I just wish it’d been sunnier that day… (There was a cyclone / tropical storm in the area, which is why the weather was so grey…)

What do you think about this photo?  Should I try to change the sky on it?  Enhance the colours?  What does it say to you?

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  1. Great photo. I think the sky could use a little more blue maybe. I’ve also nominated your blog for an award. Hope that’s okay. You can check it out on the homepage if you want to participate. Cheers!

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