Importing Old Blog Posts

Years ago, before earthquakes, and injuries from earthquakes, and nearly losing our school due to earthquakes, I wrote a blog on MySpace.  For a while there, I think I wrote it quite faithfully.  My inspiration was my partner Noel, who wrote his own blog quite a bit, and several other people, including Cat Zen Space and Jules (the latter of whom we’ve sadly lost contact with).  These other bloggers (even some of the bloggers I subscribe to on WordPress) are amazingly talented people, and I sometimes (well, nearly always) feel my words are not as strong or pointed or illustrative as mine can be at times.  I see an idea in my head like a vivid picture, but I grow frustrated at trying to get that idea onto paper, or a computer screen, or tumbling out of my mouth.  Somewhere, between the mind and the fingers or mouth, there’s a disconnect.

I eluded to currently going through a difficult patch in my life in my last blog, and maybe one day I’ll have the courage and strength to talk about it.  Part of me thinks I’m coping with a form of post traumatic stress from the quakes and everything that bubbled up to the surface as a result (not only liquefaction).  The last 2 years and a bit have been a roller coaster ride of life’s ups and downs, and I’m hoping the ride has stopped, and I’m able to not feel so nauseous once my head starts spinning.  Maybe looking back on the ride after a few more years have passed will make it appear more enjoyable or even palatable.

So, instead of forcing myself to write, I’ve been importing my old MySpace blogs into WordPress so I have at least some small sense of accomplishment.  A few years ago, Noel had deleted his MySpace blog, contented with the fact that he had printed all of the entries out before he did that.  Unfortunately, those entries were in our old work building that was severely damaged and red-stickered after the June 2011 quakes.  (We did get inside to pull out super-necessary things, like servers and records, but everything else, including Noel’s years of blog entries, were lost.)  I honestly feel sorry for him, and maybe, somehow we’ll be able to recover some of his blogs another way (Way Back Machine, for example).

MySpace doesn’t have an automatic export function.  No, according to some sources on the Web, they didn’t like the idea of people being able to take their blogs elsewhere, so they shut the whole exporting service down.  Nice.

So, I subjected my poor Facebook friends to a barrage of over twenty updates, saying I was uploading new blogs on WordPress.  On Sunday, my Mom and I were talking, and one of the first things she said was, “Your updates were going crazy!”  So, to those people inconvenienced by my transferring of blogs, I do apologise.

Eventually, I will get them all done, just like I will be able to write blog entries easier again.

Thanks for sticking by me and thanks for reading!  Hopefully, I’ll have a more cohesive blog soon.

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