Until We Meet Again

Today, to be honest, has been a hard day.

Our friend Marg, who Noel has been friends with for nearly 20 years, came over today. For those of you who don’t know, Marg has decided to move to Bondi (near Sydney) next month.

We’ve seen Noel and Marg have a few pow-wows but today the tears flew as they were getting ready to say good-bye to each other. Marg finished work on Friday (where she works with us) and I think it’s been a bit emotional because both Noel and Marg have pushed each other away lately in preparation for Marg leaving.

It reminded me of me leaving the US to come to New Zealand, to be honest. For some reason, this time, I became a tower of strength, and, not to milk the situation, I feel that Noel finally knows how I feel in that situation of saying good-bye to my family and friends when I leave the US each time to come back to New Zealand. I think, someone doesn’t know exactly how you feel unless you have actually have been in that situation.

To be honest, I find myself morbidly thinking, Will I see them again? If not, what will they remember me for? How do I let them know how much I care for and love them?

So… the shoe was on the other foot today; I was his tower of strength. He didn’t see me go to the garage, eyes full of tears, and pray to God to give me the strength to hold it all together, then return to the room, eyes freshly wiped of tears, to be the tower of strength (although reading this blog, he’ll know).

I try to be the strongest I can in times like these, and I hope I succeed.

Right now… he’s out in the spa pool with James, pissed off at our c*nt of a neighbour (pardon the French, but she is) who, at 6:30 PM, slammed her door a few times because our spa pool is making too much noise for her EIGHT year old to sleep. At 6:30 PM. On a Sunday night. (Never mind her w*nker of a husband has the lawnmower going at 7 AM on a Saturday, breaking the neighbourhood rules…) It’s a lovely diversion all the same.

But… I understand how Noel feels. I went through it… and I hope I have the strength and courage to support him in this time of need.

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