Biofuels… Uh Yeah

Okay, am I the only person to say and think what the hell is going on with certain companies and governments pushing biofuel?

Don’t get me wrong. I think we need alternatives and sooner is better than later. Noel and I even went out and bought more fuel efficient cars last week to help out as much as we can.

But biofuels?

Wait, let me get this straight. We can’t feed the people we have now on the Earth. There is “climate change” galore, expected to cause wide-spread droughts, meaning we’ll have even less food to feed the people who aren’t already starving…

And some dicks think we should devote more of our food resources to make fuel?

Am I not the only one to see how wrong this is?

What fuelled this rant (no pun intended) is an article on AccuWeather about biofuels. Ends up not only are biofuels using up some of our food stock and driving up the price of food but also spend more energy and emit more carbon in the process of creating the crops and the fuel itself! What type of solution is this?

I don’t claim to have a solution. Honestly, I’m not a scientist. But we heard this hype about liquid hydrogen cars, how liquid hydrogen only emits water as its by-product.

We’ve heard hype about other inventions, ones that sound like, to me, they would be a lot healthier for the environment, if indeed man is the cause of “global warming” or, excuse me, not the right term, “climate change”.

As someone said in response to the aforementioned article… it’s ironic the people complaining about “climate change” and the inability of humanity to feed the people on this planet at present, stating it takes X times the amount of food for humans to feed pigs, etc., to support a fuel that takes up quadruple the amount of food for humans.

End rant.

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