As I type this, a partial eclipse is taking place.

Noel hadn’t even heard about it taking place today and I did read it half-awake this morning on the Web, but I had forgotten until now.

Nyota, one of our Chihuahuas, was acting really strange (as were the other animals) and I thought maybe she’d have to go outside. When I took her out, however, I realised the strange light outside, sort of like the sun wasn’t at full power.

I called out to Noel (who was going on about he didn’t know an eclipse was taking place today) and we got a piece of notebook paper, trying to see the eclipse shining on our hands, but it didn’t work. So Noel grabbed a pin, poked a hole in the paper, and voila! There was our little eclipse.

A crescent of light shone on our hands, the moon creeping up from the bottom and slowly eliminating the sunlight. We talked briefly about seeing a total eclipse of the sun (both of us have seen one once in our lives).

So what a pleasant surprise to catch the eclipse at its height!

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