The Pause

I hate this!

The pause being between flat-out at work and waiting to leave on a holiday drive me mad.

I’m waiting on two or three things from industry people or TEC so I can finish the last bits of two projects before I go away: an NZQA Course Approval and TEC templates. And I hate waiting. I want it done and over now!

It reminds me of when I finally finished re-doing my degree at Massey here in New Zealand. There was that lull, that break, where my learning and final exams were over, where two-and-a-half years’ worth of study were finished, leaving a great void. I felt lost, wandering, unable to focus on other, more relaxing tasks because I felt I still had homework to do.

So, that’s how I feel now: unable to unwind, unable to relax, stuck in the pause between work and holiday.

Here’s hoping people start getting me some data so the pause goes bye-bye!

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