Weird Dreams

I had weird dreams last night, which is probably not different from most nights, but last night I remembered them.

One of them was rather personal so I won’t get into it (and to be honest, I can’t remember too much of it), but the other was rather strange and surreal and I will share that with you.

I was back in high school, but the auditorium/theatre was different. Instead of the seats going from front to back of the room (from the stage), they went from lower seats on the right to higher seats at the left. The proscenium arch was lower than in our high school, draped with rich red velvet curtains (the swoopy kind that are held back with gold braided cords and are longer than normal so they and their gold tassels drag slightly on the floor). Also unlike the original theatre, the seats were also covered in the same bright red fabric, almost as if they were taken from the Sapphire Princess and not the high school.

My brother Brian (as he appeared in the early 90s), my best friend John (also as he appeared in the early 90s) and I were participating in an American Idol-like competition. John and I performed some song (which I can’t totally remember, but I am pretty sure it was “The Aeroplane Jelly” song!!!) and got a luke-warm response. The theatre, admittedly, was quite empty.

The next group got up. They were brilliant. I felt a bit uneasy but the next song we were to sing was a Sheryl Crow song I liked and knew all the words to, so it would be great, as it was serious (unlike the nostalgic, somewhat funny Australian song we’d just sung)…until I went to talk to Brian, sitting towards the back of the sideways theatre, who had a list of lyrics from what I thought was a Nirvana song written in his notebook, and he was adamant we were singing that song, not the Sheryl Crow one.

Scary thing was, John didn’t know the song. Neither did I. But the funny thing was, despite normally being scared out of my wits during a dream like this — and I hate being unprepared — I was fine. I just got up there and let Brian do all the singing and mimed it like I was singing.

Maybe it symbolises that the stage of my life where I had such stage fright (although I never really showed it outwardly when I did perform) is finally coming to an end. It could also have been a follow-on from a quite serious talk Noel and I had with Jamie about things — his latest thing is his girlfriend has asked him to move in with her at her mother’s place, to which, understandably, both Noel and I are very upset and angry about — that 16 year olds should not entertain let alone do. Maybe the parenting side, where I really speak my mind instead of being a bit nice — and let’s face it, as Noel said last night, Jamie is my nephew by marriage, and I didn’t have to say yes to take him in — has kicked in as well.

We will see!

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