Okay, I feel better now!

I had quite a few drinks on Friday night — this was after I found out every dick who got their driver’s license out of a Corn Flakes packet last month was out driving, James honked his horn as I was leaning into our mailbox (and I nearly smacked my head), and then everyone decided it was pick-on-Scott-even-though-he’s-so-glaringly-right night — and I think the drinks, for the most part, calmed me down.

Yesterday was a pretty easy-going day. I was doing some research on Wikipedia about different things and that helped me unwind a bit as well . Went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant called “Joyful” with the Andersons (Jacqui and James, and their children, Charlotte and Nicole; James’s brother Trevor and Trevor’s wife Mel and their son Scott; another one of James’s brothers Carl and Carl’s wife Michelle and their son Ryan and daughter Stacy; and Jamie) and it was great even if the food still comes out at a weird pace, we never did get any normal plates and the food wasn’t the best it normally is. I guess it was the company that made it fun so all was good. Of course, there was the obligatory jokes about the chopsticks (fighting like they are lightsabers, the pretend-its-stuck-in-my-eye trick, the drumsticks, etc.). The night ended with us enjoying the mild evening, talking as we headed back to our cars. And Nicole holding Noel’s 4-straw “TV set” he had made. She was fascinated by it.

Anyway… I am feeling better. Stress drained. Only 4 more days of work to go. So if I get through today without strangling Molly (Noel’s mum) as she repeats herself for the 7th time in 3 minutes… I’ll be okay! LOL

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