Writer’s Block

They lodge in my throat, piling up behind one another, threatening to burst out in one large rupture.

That’s how it feels anyway. I’m talking about writer’s block. For some reason, I always envisage the words and ideas being there, like logs and twigs and debris on a swollen river, piling up at some sticking point and building, building, building until the pressure behind forces them to cascade forward and onward.

I think, though, lately with writing so much for the spa therapies course at work (and, let’s face it, the power of the senses in spa therapies treatments when I’m talking about the anatomy and physiology of the brain in processing sight, light and colour is really in-depth!) I think the writer’s block is more a case of burn-out. I try and write this blog on a regular basis and also write my Star Trek fan fiction and also help out at the Star Trek Expanded wikia… so perhaps it is burn-out instead.

And then I read blogs like Noel’s, Jules’s, one of Noel’s friends Cat Zen Space and even the multitalented and not-hard-on-the-eye Gavin Mikhail and think, wow, there are some really talented blog writers out there. And I hope like hell that I at least provide some amount of entertainment as great as they do and that I can aspire to be more like them.

And then it comes to me too that they do inspire me so… that’s where this blog has come from.

I think the dam has burst!

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