Can’t Get Enough

As if work isn’t already a large part of my life, I am now dreaming about it!

Some of you may know that the school is now expanding into spa therapies. Part of this includes writing a comprehensive syllabus which involves a lot of time, concentration, skill and research. I guess you could imagine that this is also a very tiring task.

Instead of having sugar plum fairies or sheep dancing through my head the last few nights, I have had spa therapy courses and syllabuses and all sorts of lovely wonderful work-related things shuffling along in there instead. Add to that I have a cold now — sniffle sniffle sniffle — and I am tired and miserable!

I think, when something is quite important to me, I tend not to stop thinking about it. Lately, as Noel will tell you, I have been distant from things and not seeming to pay attention. It’s just with so much on my plate mentally I guess I disengage.

So this is why the lack of blogs lately, but hopefully the spa therapies course will be done soon, the renovations on the school will go smoothly (did I tell you we went downstairs yesterday and there were two HOT builders down there? LOL I digress!), and I’ll get rid of this cold!

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