The Next Step

We’re getting ready for the next step.

If you read Noel’s blog or my blog as of late, you’d know we’re expanding the school. Probably a bit too long in the making — found a few notes about expansion back from 2003-04 which shocked me — but it’s a big step we need to take.

In a way, yes, it’s scary. Yes, it’s going to cost money. But it’s a move that we will regret not doing if the status quo stays and others move beyond us.

As part of my job, I do need to research other providers in our industry and find out what they are doing. The Internet, and more specifically the Web, has made this easier for me to do.

But what is scary is that a lot of providers in our industry are stuck with the status quo. There’s no expansion, no pushing ahead into new and emerging parts of our industry.

Don’t they have the expertise to do this?

Do they have the money or resources to take that next step?

Or are they merely scared at taking such a large leap?

I’m a great believer in you have to spend money to make money. Work hard, get good results, and people will flock to you. Look progressive. Never keep the same look for too long. Give people timely, relevant, honest, up-to-date information. And so I think this should extend to our school as well.

So yes, it’s a big step. But, if we plan it all right — get the course approvals done on time, hire the right tutor, get the new part of the school just right, have the new spaces earning money as soon as possible — it will work.

I’ve already said to Jacqui, my colleague and neighbour and brilliant equal (who has taken over part of my position at the school), she’d need to be independent and run interference for me so I can complete my normal job plus get course approvals, new uniforms, new prospectus, new information, new funding applications, new presentations and brochures for the expos we will be going to for the first time this year, etc. etc. done. Of course, she rose to the challenge and said I can rely on her. Great!

I’m a bit bewildered by such a huge challenge but, as I’m starting to find, 2007 is a year of great challenges.

We can’t stay stagnant. No status quo. I don’t want to look back in a few years and say, “What if?” We need to move on, not only for ourselves but also for the school.

As for the challenges? I say, bring ’em on!

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