One of THOSE Days

I am having one of those days. You know? The ones you think, why did I roll out of bed this morning?

Have nightmare about girls across the street. Wake up. Barely get to toilet after running into two walls (still asleep). Get back to bed. Still worried about nightmare. Sleep okay but shoulder is killing me. Look at clock. 3 minutes until alarm goes off. Might as well get up.

Kick dog out. Trip over something in dark garage. Nearly slam finger in door on way back into main house. Get to bathroom. Forgot new razor. Back into another room to get new razor. Shave. Cut myself again in the same place I always cut myself shaving (chin). Get in shower, try to wake up, put cleansing gel instead of shampoo in hair. Razor cut burns. I nearly kill myself on slippery shower tiles (which Noel did warn me about day prior). Dry self off. Put underwear on back to front. Not comfortable.

Eat Sultana Bran after putting toasting stuff out for Jamie. He wants cereal too. Go into drawer. No more Sultana Bran. Interrupt breakfast, go get other box of Sultana Bran (same cupboard as the razor), open up, pour into plastic container but get half on kitchen bench. Scrape rest into plastic container. Put away toasting stuff.

Get Jamie organised (finally). Running late. Get into car, drive off. At an intersection, nearly plow into car that has the right-of-way, but I didn’t see because no headlights on, it’s dark on that road, and his car is black or dark grey. Heart pounding. Late for work still. Stuck now behind someone sight-seeing at 30 kilometres per hour on 70 kilometre per hour zone. Think about ramming their car out of lane. Nearly do when they slow down and I’m still thinking.

Get to work. Can’t remember gate code. Barely scrape by (once I get through) big car and trailer parked by Unit 5 as In Fact are moving in. Park car.

Open up school. Lecture room lights still on, alarm off, looks like a bomb’s hit it. Steiner interviews in 5 minutes. Thrust sign at Jamie and give instructions (he gets it kinda right but not). Blow Kim up via text for leaving room a mess. Tell Noel room is mess.

9 AM. No sign of Janine. Room clean. Getting ready for problem we ALWAYS have with her laptop and our system and projector. 9:15, phone rings; it’s Janine. I cut her off by accident. Can’t get hold of her. Finally calls back; gate is closed.

Go down to help her; sign on wrong gate, couldn’t find thing to prop gate open with so stick will do. Get Janine. Walk back to work.

Try to get her laptop and our system to interface. Keep calling and bugging Noel at home re: problem. After 45 minutes, discover original plug was right one. System working finally.

Hair a mess. Sweating like a pig. Call up place for dinner. “Sorry, we’re booked.” Call another place for dinner. “Sorry, we’re booked.”

Shoulder is still killing me!!!


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