Wonderful Day

I’m burnt but happy.

Dave Owen lives with Maurice and Don, a gay couple who have been together for 30-odd years (correct me if I’m wrong, Dave!). They took him in when he was 17.

A few weeks ago, Maurice called and invited us to an “Elevens-at-Eleven” party. We, of course, accepted.

Dave, Don and Maurice all are wonderful hosts. None of the food they served was prepared at the store; the guys lovingly prepared all the food there. And yummy? Wow. You have no idea how these guys can cook.

The garden looked fabulous. As always, their place was a shining example of how to make a house look like an absolutely fabulous home.

Noel, Jamie and I spent the time talking to Dave and a lovely couple (whose names escape me at the present… I get worse the older I get!) and all of us had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Noel bumped into a few “ghosts” from his past, people who were on the scene when he started on the scene, and I think it might have given him a bit of a shock. I guess you remember these people as they were years ago, not taking into account the fact that if you age, they age as well.

One scary bit was how many “Asian brides” there were there. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I guess what I mean is I personally didn’t expect that. As Noel so graciously put it, it looked like a Ting Tong convention (for those of you who don’t know who Ting Tong is, please see Little Britain Season 3 for more information).

Another scary bit was there were couples there who were not talking to anyone… not even each other. I can’t imagine Noel and me getting to that point; we’re usually too busy joking around, pretending to be a couple who are bitchy at one another than to not talk!

But major kudos to Dave, Don and Maurice for such a wonderful party with such wonderful food!

(Note to self: even on very very very cloudy days… wear sunscreen to avoid that embarrassing tan line appearing!)

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