“Today is the greatest day I’ve ever known…”

Taking lyrics from the Smashing Pumpkin’s song “Today”, I find myself wondering about the beautiful day today.

Not only was it warm, but it was a day for bonding and finding out more about the people I love. Jamie, Noel and I headed to Riccarton Mall to buy Jamie some clothes. Well, some of my choices were great and some where not so hot, according to Jamie, although I thought I do have a pretty good dress sense when it comes to casual stuff. But, we picked out some pretty nice clothes for him and bonded pretty well in the process.

He ran into two girl classmates from his elementary school and they walked up (supposedly… I was not witness to this) and said hi and talked to him for a little bit. And then I realised, here I was, talking to him as if I was his peer and joking with him, even though I am twice his age and gay. But there was some sort of bonding going on there, and I realised it was the same thing I did with friends my age when I was his age… a natural thing I guess, no matter if one is straight, gay, bisexual or even asexual.

I got some Adobe books for my newly installed Mac programmes on my computer, which helped heaps, even getting a few lessons in before we went on a BBQ to Marg’s.

Signed a bank agreement I was supposed to sign when we first bought the house which makes me liable for lots of money if the school goes under, which, as Noel said, makes me liable for more than Don is at the moment… and I don’t even own the place. So I guess some serious discussions are going on about that.

Jamie was so good that I took him to EB Games to buy a few PS2 games. Ended up walking out with a PS2 guitar, a game related to that and another SingStar game… about $250 later. He did keep hinting he’d like the game, and I feel guilty that he’s not had much, and here he is now, as I type this, faithfully playing the game… so that means a lot to me.

James, Jacqui and the girls followed us to Marg’s place, even with me joking to them about their car — we ran into them at the Northlands car park building with their car broken down — breaking down and how would they race us in such a heap.

When at Marg’s, we had a bit of a talk and had fun all around. Eventually, Walshie (Marg’s husband) and Shalamar (Marg’s granddaughter) showed up, and we had a great time. Jamie had, by this time, disappeared to see his girlfriend, who lives around the corner. I’m still not sure if he was kidding or not about what he was doing with her — and, to be honest, as his “uncle” and a surrogate father-figure on the weekends, I don’t feel it’s my place to know as long as he takes our advice about safe sex and precautions and all that jazz — but he came back and wasn’t blushing which means God knows what.

So today has been full of learning curves and curveballs and all sorts of things… but it was a very satisfying day full of achievements and accomplishments!