A Beautiful Day

I wasn’t too sure I’d be feeling up to going out.

That damned chicken sandwich I’d got from the Mobil station/convenience store across the street from work came back to haunt me. It’s my fault; Noel told me he’d been sick before from a sandwich from the Mobil — incidentally chicken, just like I’d had — and I thought I’d be okay. But by 1 AM on Saturday morning, the sandwich I’d bought for Friday’s lunch kicked back.

We were supposed to go to Adam’s for a BBQ lunch today (Saturday) but I still wasn’t feeling too hot. The plan was to drink lots of water and have a bit to eat even though I still wasn’t feeling 100%.

But the day today was beautiful. The sun was shining down, the sky was pretty clear, Adam’s yard was full of trees and shrubs sheltering us from any wind there might be and the temperature was not too hot and not too cool. So Noel, Jamie (Noel’s nephew) and I sat outside with Adam, his friend Grant (who, incidentally, was born about 2 hours after me literally) and Adam’s flatmate Max. We proceeded to bask in the sun, talk about a variety of things, eat BBQ stuff and drink vino.

What was supposed to be a lunch turned into an afternoon of fun and delight. We sat around talking about so many different things, and , by the time we looked at the time, it was dinner. So we decided to go and get fish and chips. (I was good. I had chicken nuggets LOL).

The day was wonderful. I feel a glow on my cheeks from the sun kissing them. Adam called our mutual friend Eliot, a wonderful wonderful person (with a lovely boyfriend Dean — both of them make you feel so at ease around them, like you have known them forever… I felt so at ease going to Rarotonga between what Noel and Eliot both had described to me), and I got to talk to him for a little while, which was great because honestly I probably don’t talk or text him enough and he really rates highly in my books. Jamie and I were texting each other while sitting next to one another: so hilariously funny (I won’t tell you what we were texting about but it was funny and probably a bit of a bonding experience for the 21st century surrogate father-figure). Grant and Adam were both in fine form, which was great. And Noel and Adam did their usual jibbing back and forth: not for the faint of heart, but you can tell how much the two of them love one another.

I’m glad I went out in the end. I came right, felt a zillion times better, and had a great time.

Good friends, family, good food and wine, and just a wonderful day. What more could anyone ask for?

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