A Story about Star and Jack: 8 June 2021

We arrive home from work, and Jack and Star are sitting at the back door. When Jack sees us, he’s like, “See. I told you they’d come soon!” She’s trying to work out what’s going on. She sees me. She sees Noel. She sees us petting Sissy. She sees Sissy come to the door to say hi. You can see the wheels turning in her head: “They have a cat. The cat is inside. The cat is happy. Maybe they like cats?” Star isn’t sure and goes and sits on the bench on the back of the patio.

I decide to dish up Star’s 2 cans of food into her bowl (easier for her to eat) and open another can for Jack. (I usually give them 2 cans in the bowl as they usually arrive at different times, but since they’re both there, I give them separate food.) Back at the back door, Jack is there, so I crouch down and open the door enough so I can get my arm out. I give Jack the can and slide the bowl away. Jack wants a big pat, so I do that as best as I can with the door at an odd angle. Star is sussing me out from the bench. I say hi and tell her her food is here, pointing to the bowl.

Hunger obviously overcame being scared, because she was there within seconds. But, she shoves Jack out of his can — and Jack is a lot bigger than her — and starts chowing down on his food. The look on his face was like: “Uh, excuse me?” Jack’s a gentleman, though, and he backed off and let her eat. She ate his entire can, and her 2 cans in the bowl too. Poor thing is so hungry… we think we’re her 1 solid meal each day.

Jack jumped up on top of the tarp on top of the patio table and watched. We felt sorry for him and gave him some treats out the side window. Star ran when that happened, so Noel went out and gave Jack a cuddle and put the treats up on the table for him so he could eat them.

All in all… they are both cats with personality!