An “Illegal” Ballot This is Not: 8 November 2020

Envelope containing my American 2020 General Election ballot

This is my ballot for the United States General Election 2020.

I received a link to my ballot on 19 September 2020. With a code in that email, and a PIN number, I went to a secure online site, signed in, voted, and PDFed the completed ballot on 20 September 2020.

I printed the ballot off, signed and dated the legal declaration needing to match my signature on file, and sent it via courier from New Zealand to the Cook County Clerk’s office on 22 September 2020. I paid $65NZ in courier fees and $5NZ for the special courier envelope. (About $46US in total.)

The courier site stated my ballot arrived to the Cook County Clerk’s office on 2 October 2020.

No one could find it.

The Clerk herself and New Zealand Post looked into it.

My ballot was found at the clerk’s office on 2 November 2020. They marked it as received on their Web site on 2 November 2020.

The United States General Election was on 3 November 2020.

My vote was not confirmed or counted until 5 November 2020: 2 days after the election.

Some people are (wrongly) saying that my ballot, and hundreds of thousands of other ballots like mine, should not be counted because they are “illegal”.

They are not illegal.

They are received and / or postmarked before or on 3 November 2020, and that makes them legal.

I have been voting by mail for over half my life. This has always been the way it has worked.

This is how it worked in the 2016 General Election where around a quarter of all ballots were postal votes (and Trump won the election).

Trump is spreading misinformation about postal votes. He spreads misinformation about a great many things.

My vote is as legal as any other American’s vote.

If you are as true of a patriot as you say you are, you’d drop this “illegal vote” bullshit, use this opportunity to learn about how the process works, and fight better fights to ensure liberty and justice for all becomes a reality in the United States of America.

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