Spy Dream: 30 October 2020

3.5 inch floppy discs

Last night’s dream:

Noel and I were staying in some sort of old hotel. I’m not sure where Noel got up to, but Anne, John, and I (along with a few others) discovered that Donald and Melania Trump were staying in the same hotel.

They were staying in a large room to one side at the end of a long corridor. One of us managed to sneak in the room and steal a clear plastic carrying case with all black 3 1/2″ floppy discs, each labelled, in it. One disc was labelled “Epstein Files”.

We ran into the room at the end of the hall (essentially next door) which was a large office / library type room with bookshelves lining the walls. There were books everywhere.

But before we could do anything more, guards came into the room, followed by Trump. One of us managed to slide the plastic disc carrying case into a lower shelf of one of the bookcases, rather deep so it wasn’t noticeable.

Trump started talking to us rather articulately, which surprised all of us, but there were veiled threats in his statements. We obviously were all worried.

And then, for some reason, I was able to leave the room. In one of the rooms, I found Sissy sniffing a nest murder hornets were building on one of the beds. I found Noel, told him about it, and he went to sort it out.

Then I returned to the library-like room and carried on with the threatening conversation over the floppy discs. (There was no resolution to the dream.)

These are the sort of dreams I am having lately, so no wonder I’m waking up feeling tired!