One Day of COVID-19 in the USA and New Zealand: A Comparison and a Lecture for Good Measure: 29 October 2020

covid-19 illustration

Today, America had 81,000+ COVID cases reported in the community in 1 day.

Today, New Zealand had 0 COVID cases reported in the community in 1 day.

Had New Zealand’s figures reflected America’s per head of population, New Zealand would have had 1,235 new cases today.

America, America, America: stay home unless you absolutely positively have to go out. Wear a mask and socially distance if you do have to go out. And always, always, always wash your hands for 40 seconds using proper handwashing techniques with proper soap / handwash and dry with paper towels. (Use hand sanitizer using the same techniques if soap and water isn’t available.)

I’m still seeing people acting as if life is normal. It’s not. Don’t pretend it is normal. And every action you take yourself can vastly impact others positively by stopping or halting the virus in its tracks.

I want my friends and family in the States to live relatively carefree as we are in New Zealand. But I really don’t see this happening until people start outing and shaming those who are not playing their top game against this virus.

I feel like a broken record. And sadly, I fear America is in for a very, very dark and bleak winter if this virus keeps running rampant and some Americans keep acting selfishly and stubbornly as if everything is okay with no action.