100 Days without Community Transmission of COVID-19 in New Zealand: 9 August 2020

Today marks 100 days without community transmission of COVID-19 in New Zealand.

It’s a big milestone, but we’re being told not to get complacent in case another wave somehow starts in our community. Keep washing hands thoroughly, cough into elbows, sign-in when going anywhere, buy and keep a supply of masks in case we go back to level 2 or higher.

There’s a huge disconnect between what’s happening here — relative freedom due to the virus being contained in quarantine facilities at our borders — and America, where I grew up — the virus seemingly spreading out of control due to poor federal leadership and a segment of the population unwilling to make personal sacrifices to save their communities and country, and severely cripple or defeat the virus itself in the process.

The disconnect makes it seem surreal to me, sure, but the virus marching on overseas is causing me a bit of worry, stress, and anxiety. I worry about my friends and family overseas, and I’m anxious about the idea I might not be able to be with them physically for months, even years. It breaks my heart.

Stay safe, be vigilant, and most importantly, wash your hands really well.