Pandemic Lockdown Day 24: 18 April 2020

I had a very fitful sleep again last night. I don’t really remember what I dreamt about, but I know my CPAP mask kept coming loose slightly so it would hiss a little and wake me up. No matter how I positioned myself, I seemed too hot, too cold, too sore, too uncomfortable… so my sleep was pretty disturbed.

It did rain last night, which did send me back to sleep at times. That is always something I enjoy hearing and lulls me back to sleep: rain on our metal roof.

After waking up this morning, I didn’t go near a computer. I did look at my phone a few times, yes, but I played Final Fantasy XV on my PlayStation 4 for a good chunk of the day. The other part of the day, I spent making dinner — pepper steak casserole, as we had a bunch of peppers needing to be eaten — and texting friends and family.

Not much else happened.

We had 13 new cases today, 8 positive and 5 suspected. This was more than yesterday. But we did have 51 more people recover too. From what I understand, in all the random testing the Government has done in parking lots around supermarkets in a few different centers around New Zealand, including Christchurch, there were no more positive results returned.

There are “experts” wanting more testing. I put experts into quotations because the media is really good at calling everyone an “expert” even when they are not, and there are radical quarters of any given field who want more or less than what is expected. In this case, I’m not sure what the answer is. I’d feel more confident if a wider group of samples were taken randomly. What I am unsure about is one of these “experts” is stating that 300+ in Queenstown and 300+ in Christchurch (both random testing) is “not enough” when between 3,600 and 4,700 (-ish) tests were performed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday throughout the country, showing a much larger sample size. This somehow doesn’t seem to figure in to that testing? I’m not sure.

To be honest, I would personally feel safer if we were at Alert Level 4 for another 2 weeks to make sure we really stomped this virus out. What does worry me is every “expert” is coming out to say that when we do move to Alert Level 3, that we will be there for what seems like a million years. I don’t think we can keep teaching at The Place Where I Work stuck in Alert Level 3. Then again, some other media outlets are reporting that Alert Level 3 may only last 2 weeks. This is the problem with this all, and this is what pisses me off about (what I feel are) opportunistic quarters in our industry posting tons of opinion in any social media or other media they can find; this information isn’t from our Government, who I feel are pretty trustworthy. Stop speculating. Stop making shit up. Life is hard enough as is without people trying to score brownie points with everyone else as some rise to the top of the pile of bodies.

Fuck off and let the Government tell us what they mean. Stop fucking speculating.

Tonight, we watched a bunch of different things. I am too tired and they were too uninteresting to comment about.

I hope that wherever you are, you are safe and sound and well. Let’s hope this virus is beaten sooner rather than later.