Pandemic Lockdown Day 16: 10 April 2020

Last night, I had a lot of strange dreams.

One dream was of a blond guy with nice blue eyes trying to convince me to buy his black pick-up truck. He was somehow quite attractive and flirty, but I knew it was all probably an act to get me to buy his pick-up truck. I lied to him for some reason and told him I had tens of thousands of dollars in an American bank account. (I don’t have that sort of money.)

It was cold last night so I woke up quite frozen at certain points in the night. I didn’t help that I’d thrown off the sheet and duvet so I felt cold to the touch even, with my bare skin exposed. But I don’t know why, but I seem to sleep better in the cold.

This morning was very hard to wake up. I could see the sun poking through the gaps in the curtains, all around the door and window frame, a lot brighter than it has been for the last few days, but I was really feeling exhausted and struggling to get out of bed. I had a lot of work to do for work, so I got up anyway, despite my body protesting that.

I went online as I often do while I am waking up, and I found something interesting on Facebook. A friend request out of the blue. It had something to do with me mentioning my (belated) 21st birthday party a long while ago. The person took it, I think, that I was digging for some sort of birthday wish, but the reality is, I found it so very strange that I was walking through the middle of a forest on my birthday half a world and a quarter of a century away from the event, and that was somehow what popped into my mind. I thought that person would find it interesting. Obviously enough to friend request me on Facebook after years of advancing and retreating. We will see what happens.

Even though it is a New Zealand-wide holiday (Good Friday) where everyone is closed (pretty much) even during a pandemic, I worked. I admit, I got a lot done, and some of it was very technical. I worked from about 9 AM to 5 PM, and thankfully I had pushed myself hard yesterday to get more done than I wanted to because it made today fly by.

Around lunchtime, I decided to have a shave and a shower. During the pandemic lockdown, most showers have been around 5 to 6 PM as I have been working up until then. Today, my legs and butt were screaming for a break. The plan was to take a shower, and then to cook dinner and leave it on a slow simmer all day in the crock pot.

After the shower, I made my way to the kitchen, and luckily, my husband helped me prepare the meal. My pepper steak is easy enough to make, and I had enough supplies to make one last 3 to 4 dinners, which is great. The tomatoes were from our garden, and the peppers were from the supermarket, even though we had some of our own frozen down. With two people working on it, it took a lot shorter to prepare. It spent the entire afternoon simmering in the crockpot: the best way to cook it.

I managed to get all the students loaded and “enrolled” on Moodle. That took a little longer than expected for all sorts of reasons, but I think I have them sorted out now. We will see once the modules and assessments become “live” for them on Monday. I pray to God that all the work I’ve done is right and there are no hiccups in the system.

Once evening rolled around, we settled in to watch some TV. Tonight, we decided it would be another music-filled night so we watched Take That Live: The Circus — my favorite Take That performance I have seen — and Hello, Dolly! I admit, I was so tired that I was falling asleep during the latter performance, but it was fun to watch.

Today, I have been feeling a little more upbeat. We did have more cases of COVID-19 again today, but the number of recoveries were higher. Unfortunately, we lost another Kiwi today, a 90+ year old from here in Christchurch. God bless that person and their family at this tough time. I pray we lose no one else and we keep continuing on with the reduction of cases until such time as there are none.

Our borders are locked down. All people coming in from now will be quarantined for 2 weeks. Let’s hope that’s enough.

Please stay safe everyone.