Pandemic Lockdown Day 15: 9 April 2020

I slept through a sharp jolt of an earthquake this morning. Mother Nature decided at about 10 to 8 this morning, she’d be a bitch and give us a shake-up. From what my husband said, there was a weird noise that sounded like a deepening noise, then a shunt but nothing else. He thought a truck might have it the house or a neighbor’s house, but when he checked, there was no truck.

I blissfully slept on. The only indicator that might have been was my CPAP hose slid off the pillow into a weird angle. But I slept at least another 30 minutes or so later.

I had a lot of weird dreams. One was being at a grocery store with no social distancing in the middle of the pandemic. Another was having people I didn’t know over in a house I didn’t live in, and an old friend I’m no longer close friends with over at this new house too. He invited someone I didn’t know in. It was strange.

Another part of the dream was a Cirque du Soleil-like circus was in town and was announcing their show was starting in a tent in the farm fields near where we live, at 4 PM sharp. The announced they were starting, when the real Cirque du Soleil announced their show was starting, in another tent in the fields, at the real 4 PM. It was strange.

Today, I worked nearly the entire day through. There was, and is, a lot to do. I emailed the students and team to let them know what was going on. The Principal and I had a bit of conversation going there via email. But it was vitally important I get the online learning up and running as much as I could today, and I got a bit of it done. I don’t think anyone realizes (or cares) how much work goes into all of this. I do admit I got very upset about it all.

Why? I seem to be relied on way too much to do way too much to keep The Place Where I Work going. I understand it’s an emergency, but we’ve been through emergencies before, and I thought we would have learned our lessons then: no one person can be responsible for the lion’s share of the work. I ended up texting with my sister-in-law about this — she prompted it by wishing me an American Happy Birthday — and I felt it got dark rather quickly. In short, I could drop dead tomorrow and the place would fall apart, and I’m sure some sob story would come about about how sad everyone was that poor Scott died and the place died with him. It shouldn’t be like that. In a time of emergency, it’d be great if everyone stepped up and did their share of the work. This time, I feel (and this might not be true as this is my feeling and perhaps not reality) that I and a few other team members are doing all the work.

I’m pretty tired right now so I won’t get into it all any further.

I was born at around 10:30 PM Chicago time, so that equates to 3:30 PM a day later in New Zealand. I usually celebrate over both days but didn’t have the time during the day today to do that.

We did shake things up a little and watch a movie I wanted to see tonight: Little Shop of Horrors, the musical version. I set it to the Director’s Cut, which had the original musical ending in it than the happy-go-lucky movie version where people live, and it felt a lot more authentic.

A few more YouTube videos, and then we decided to go to bed. I did decide to text The Man I Once Loved and thank him for the birthday party 25 years too late. He might say something back, or maybe he won’t. But events like that reinforce that he felt something for me then and I wasn’t dreaming it all.

I’m fastly falling asleep, my dear readers, so I will head off to bed. Good news here on the pandemic front: we had a small number of cases, in the low 30s I think (including suspected cases), so it looks like we are heading towards containment. Our Prime Minister also said all incoming Kiwi citizens and permanent residents will now be quarantined automatically for 14 days, which will help immensely in containment. Phew. Go New Zealand.

Sleep tight, all and I hope you are all staying safe and sound.