Pandemic Lockdown Day 12: 6 April 2020

I woke up a few times in the night last night. At 8 AM, I thought I was awake and getting up soon. But next time I woke up, it was almost 9 AM. Part of me wanted to stay in bed still, but another part wanted to get up too.

Work dominated my day. It took me from about 9 AM until 1 PM or so to enter a 50 question multiple choice question test into Moodle. I forced myself to take short breaks at every 15 or so that I got to because my body was aching from not taking breaks the last several days prior.

Facing another 50 question and 100 question test, I knew my limit. I shifted to another few tasks I needed to complete: a non-narrated slide show and some definitions and terminology to boot, for cosmetic surgery. I have most of it done, but by 5 PM, I definitely needed to give up.

No walks for me today. I do think I needed it, but the weather outside was cloudy and moody, and it didn’t look nice.

Some good news on the COVID-19 front: it seems our cases are plateauing a little. Part of me thinks, “Well, there are near equal number of ‘confirmed’ and ‘suspected’ cases so if we filter ‘suspected’ out, the numbers are dropping,” while another part of me thanks God the Powers That Be are being over-cautious. Our Director General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, said there has been a “levelling off” of new cases. Whether this trend continues or not, I am very vocal in my thinking that Dr Bloomfield deserves a knighthood for his hard work and calm, cool demeanor throughout the coronavirus pandemic. To be honest, I think a lot of people would agree.

So, here’s hoping the lockdown does severely hamper, or pretty much completely wipes out, COVID-19 in New Zealand until a vaccine can be found. I honestly am feeling more positive that this will be the case, and I am hoping we all can remain vigilant and keep our island nation safe and sound from this pandemic until the cure is delivered and we can all start living life normally again.