Pandemic Lockdown Day 9: 3 April 2020

Last night, again, a fitful sleep. I seem to sleep so long before some anxious thought or another wakes me up, and then my sleep is crazy busy from then onwards. The good thing about working from home is I can get up when I want to, within reason. The bad thing about working from home is I feel guilty about getting up when I want to, and get up way earlier than I need to get out of bed.

Today, I spent the day researching, fiddling with, and finally adding multiple choice quizzes and tests (well, one of each) to Moodle for The Place Where I Work. At the platform seems to be very customisable, entering in questions and 4 answers, one of which is correct, is not as straight-forward as it seems. In fact, it took me nearly all day to enter in one 25 MCQ quiz.

I spent so much time on my computer, actually, that I ended up quite sore this evening. I didn’t take a shower until about 6 PM, and by then, it was so late that it was a very quick shower, not giving the hot water the chance to soak into my sore muscles. Even though there’s been some news reports about ibuprofen making COVID-19 worse — and I don’t think I have COVID-19, just to put it out there — I was so sore that I knew normal Tylenol / Panadol wouldn’t work, so I took 2 Advil (ibuprofen) instead. It seems to have alleviated the pain somewhat.

This weekend really needs to be a break. I figured out today is my 18th day working in a row, and I need some me time. I’m hoping I don’t flip to “default mode” and work more again tomorrow (Saturday). I seem to think, “Oh, I’ll just do this one thing,” and then I’m working away like crazy.

I said 2020 would be my year. It won’t be. But I think I do need to step away from work still a little bit.

Not much else happened today. Cases of COVID-19 are still rising in New Zealand. I have to admit that I feel there are probably a lot more out there, because we’re not testing enough. The increase in numbers might be scary, sure, but then again, I’d rather have accurate reporting and then the correct measures being taken then inaccurate or partial reporting taking place and not enough corrective measures being undertaken. We will see what happens.

A study overseas (Iceland, I think?) showed about 50% of people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic. That’s a scary amount of people. And who knows how many of us have actually had it if that’s true?

We saw on the news that a company is developing a rapid response testing kit. Like rapid response HIV testing kits, the COVID-19 kits work by pricking your finger, placing a drop or 2 of blood on the tester, then a reagent, and your results come through. Interestingly enough, the reporter on the TV found out he had been exposed to COVID-19, and that he also had antibodies to last a year or so at least. Good for him, I guess, but I wonder what wider testing using these kits would reveal?

Too many thoughts and analysis for this late hour.

Today, we have been self-isolating for 10 days if we don’t consider my stint out to the doctor’s office, during which I wore a mask and used hand sanitiser galore. If I take it from that day (Monday), I’m back at 4 days self-isolating.

Tomorrow, we have 2 lots of groceries coming. I forgot to order milk and paper towels in the first order, so I had to make a second one. It’ll be interesting to see if they deliver 2 orders of 2 x 30 Coke No Sugar can packs or just 2 overall. It’ll piss me off if its only 1 order of it — we are limited to 2 each order or time we go to the supermarket — because I paid a heap of money for shipping both orders even though we qualify for the vulnerable category for delivery. We will see.

The Government opened up the number of retailers who can operate again online and ship, so I ordered some goodies last night. Big bags of M & Ms for my birthday, some Jiffy cornbread mix, a Jiffy American biscuit mix (I didn’t know you could get that), and more American stuff to make this isolation a little less isolating. I’m not sure when it will get here, but one lot has shipped and the other hasn’t quite yet.

So… overall an interesting mix of developments here.

I hope and pray this COVID-19 pandemic will somehow be resolved quickly and with as few deaths and injuries as possible. The world doesn’t need this now, and we hope our scientists and health professionals can get it under control and come up with a quick fire solution that works.