Pandemic Lockdown Day 6: 31 March 2020

I managed to get a bit of a sleep in this morning after the rather stressful day yesterday, although I’m not sure how much good this actually did me. All last night, I dreamt very strange dreams, and I woke several times to my CPAP mask hissing or leaking or some other unideal situation. The dreams mirror some of the stranger dreams I have been having over the last few months, or even year or so: a mix of technologies and timelines. In one dream, my husband had had to get rid of our large flatscreen TV to replace it with a much smaller, old school TV, with dials, an antenna, and all. In other dream, I helped his business partner from The Place Where I Work in trying to get one piece or another of technology to work, and the computer was an older one from the early 90s.

I think I blogged about, several weeks ago, me ending up working for another company and being put into a new office, and all the equipment and technology was antiquated. This felt the same, and indeed, had the same types of technology.

My flu shot didn’t hit me as hard as it had in previous years, although throughout the day, an increasingly bad headache and bodyache filled my body from my head to my toes. With the COVID-19 pandemic rampaging throughout the world, my first thoughts veered to that I’d been infected. But without a fever, or other symptoms, and the mild discomfort easing after several hours, I came to the conclusion that it probably was all a reaction to the flu shot.

Interestingly enough, my husband’s business partner called today about getting into the Moodle installation. It took a bit longer to get him into the system, but we did. And then I worked on the installation a bit more to tidy it up.

The New Zealand Government released some of the forecasting some agencies did about COVID-19 and how the virus would rampage through our communities if nothing was done, and if only minor actions were taken. The statistics were sobering, to say the least. One local scientist spoke to the remnants of government today, driving the point home that not enough was being done, and that struck a raw vein of anxiety inside me. But the Government and other scientists countered that, if everyone stuck to this lockdown, we could potentially get ahead of it and severely quell, if not eliminate, it from New Zealand. A glimmer of hope.

I feel like we are getting some mixed messages. Unfortunately, the media aren’t always the most honest or forthright organizations. Violence, sex, doomsday prophecies sell, so those sometimes are the points promoted. But in times like these, we the people need the truth, not some hare-brained whack-job outlier conspiracy theory to sell a few more papers. I understand this is uncharted territories and no one has a crystal ball, but everything is swinging so wildly back and forth.

The consensus seemed to be, from scientists and the Government, at least, that if we keep the lockdown up and are successful, thousands, if not tens of thousands, of lives will be saved. We will be able to isolate the nation until such time as a vaccine or cure can be developed.

Let’s hope that’s right.

I was born and raised in America, so I am naturally suspicious of government itself.

Let’s hope this is one of the situations where those suspicions are not correctly placed.

Despite the sunny day outside, we didn’t go for a walk. Still it was nice to see the sun out and enjoy the warmth it brought.

I tended to distance myself from everyone today, because it felt very overwhelming to deal with anything today. I did my work. I tried my hardest to contribute. But it did feel a bit over-the-top today.

At least today, when I signed in to get more groceries delivered (that I forgot to order), the system worked fine. Yesterday, I kept signing in and getting kicked out or “put on hold”. It took the better part of the day to order groceries for delivery, and I was so paranoid about being kicked out or “put on hold” for another 6 hours that I panicked and checked out before that could happen. Oh well. We’re getting 2 grocery deliveries in 1 day. I hope the bastards deliver all the Coke No Sugar I delivered, even though it’s 2 orders of 2 (maximum) cartons in each order. We will see.

I’m hoping to sleep in again tomorrow. My headache is mostly gone, and I am exhausted. I need the sleep — a nice, restful, full night’s sleep — so I can face the world fresh and bright-eyed tomorrow.

One day at a time. One step at a time. One breath at a time.

I hope Kiwis are taking this virus extra-seriously, and we can beat it until a vaccine is developed.