A Good Day

I know I’ve said that after a group of inspirational days that I fell flat, but the time in the depersonalized / uninspired state ended up lasting not too terribly long.

After the dream I had the night before last about the audition, and my analysis that it might mean I had doubts in my abilities, I had a few more epiphanies about the novel I’m hoping to gain a mentor through the New Zealand Society of Authors mentorship programme.

Certain plot points became clearer, including one little uncertain thing about the climax that I wanted to happen, but no matter what I dreamt up, it didn’t seem to fit. A little rearranging in my head, a bit more thinking about it, and then rewriting the synopsis I need to submit with my application, and it all feel even more clearly into place.

As I said on Facebook: I’m not really sure if it was the dream, or its analysis, or the warm weather, or what exactly went down, but the flash came to me and then grew exponentially.

Not only does that final part of the climax make things clearer but also leaves a kind of “trap door” if I want to make things more interesting and create a second novel: a sequel, if you will.

The inspiration seemed to parallel the end of Gregory Macguire’s Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West:

And there the wicked old Witch stayed for a good long time.”

“And did she ever come out?”

“Not yet.”

Will this novel end in a similar way for one of the main characters?

Will I have the drive to create another work derived from this one?

Will this lead to a whole range of novels in this universe?

Let’s hopefully find out.