So, I saw this Internet meme about Star Wars on Facebook today:

Luke Skywalker says to C3PO: I can see my house from here. Looks like they're having a BBQ.

Of course, my morbid sense of humour finds this hilariously funny (even though the 3 year old me seeing Star Wars in the movie theatre is terrified beyond belief).

What happens?

Anne posts a response on my Facebook post:

Luke: I wonder what they’re cooking.

C3PO: Uncle Owen.

Luke: Fine. I wonder what HE’S cooking.

C3PO: Uncle Owen.

Luke: Dammit, 3-PO. Quit being such a grammar Vader.

Not being able to let this rest, I add:

Luke: What does it smell like he’s cooking? Bantha?

C3PO: Uncle Owen.

Anne replies:

Luke: Well, what do you think Aunt Beru is doing?

C3PO: Roasting. Maybe smoking. Maybe both.

Luke: Aunt Beru doesn’t smoke.

C3PO: She does now.

To have me finish:

Luke: But she’s got bad lungs.

C3PO: I’m afraid they’re worse now.

Luke: And she’s never roasted in her life.

C3PO: She hasn’t broken that record, nor do I think she shall, Master Luke.

We’re nuts. But we have the same sense of humour. Which is why we are Luke and Leia on Earth…

(And Anne adds: “A little too well done, though. All the good Jawas know you never take Tatooinans past medium rare. Rookie Imperial error.”)

I’m. Still. Laughing!!!

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