Waiting in the Lobby Between Worlds

Well, here we are again,

Waiting in the lobby between worlds.

The loud tick-tocking,

Slowing down,

As time crawls.

Lost for words.

Eyes wet,

for what we’ve lost.

for what we’re about to lose.

for what we haven’t lost yet (but soon will).

In these moments between us,

(Time slowly crawling on like a toddler,)

Trying to make you feel as comfortable as we can,

My heart cries for you not to go,

how cruel this all is,

too much

too soon

You smile a little harder,

Close your eyes,

And turn away.

We don’t want to let you go

But a human’s wish isn’t always God’s.

And so,

Waiting in the lobby between worlds,

We will hold you a little tighter,

Let our kisses linger a bit longer,

Caress you and calm you,

Whisper sweet words of love in your ears.

Oh my, here’s the doorman:

his ashen face expressionless,

his wizened hand pressing the door open,

his other aged hand waving you in.

Don’t be late, now;

(Please don’t go just yet, my little one.

We’re going to miss you so.

One last kiss before this eternal journey.)

God’s calling you home.