Lung, Anyone?

Lately, I’ve been sporadically having dreams we are moving the school where I work.

Last night was one of those dreams. The last few I’ve had have been about moving the school to a pre-existing building (as opposed to a new one), but the school last night was in a multi-storey building with a restaurant on the ground floor, an underground carpark, and large spacious corridors above the carpark.

Suzie (one of our tutors) was at the front door. She’d got in because someone left one of the doors unlocked but the security alarm was still armed. She didn’t have a security key, so I had to unarm the alarm as it wailed, pushing one ear to my shoulder and using my special key to disarm it. My ears were ringing.

The school, unfortunately, was cramped, very unlike the corridors above the carpark entrance. I remember the theory classrooms having chalkboards, the desks tightly crammed together, with moderate yellow walls and black tile floors. Everything looked like it was built in the 50s and maintained.

Going into an office — whose I don’t know — there was a black desk crammed into a corner, the desk shaped like a quarter of an octagon. Three doors led off the room, so I took the one to the right.

For some reason, we had an old-fashioned changing room in the school. Instead of doors, there were swinging shutters that covered from the chest to the thigh. I peeked in when I heard someone inside. For some reason, our friend Adam was getting changed in the changing room. I stood outside the room waiting for him, talking to him as he changed.

One of our other friends, Dave, was there. Adam called out he was getting changed in our changing room because he had to get dressed up for work and he had biked in, and he came out and gave me a big long hug. (I haven’t seen him for a few weeks since, in real life, he’s been down south while his mother has been recovering.) Dave said something about getting a room and then did he want him to leave us alone. I gave him one of my special looks (as in, whatcha talkin bout Willis?!?), and then said since it was my day off, Dave and I should grab some lunch at the restaurant downstairs after Adam left.

We saw Adam off and took a seat in the restaurant. A group of older Asian group were sitting at the next table (two men and a woman, all in their 70s). Someone said how trashy the waitress looked, and they were right. She was wearing a short skirt, a vest covered in red sequins, and black pantyhose. Dave said how ugly the lady was (which was true) and when she approached to serve the Asians their dinner, we saw she was wearing braces. One tooth was being guided out of her gums with some wires. Another front tooth was broken in two, the bottom part with the brace attached and hanging free in her mouth.

I was about to say to Dave that I was put off having any food by that sight — we hadn’t ordered yet — when she brought out some of the group’s dishes.

One was a huge lung. The bottom part was detached, made into a dish of sorts, with some sort of mushroom mixture in it. She carried it over on a metal carrying rack much like a cake plate.

I then said to Dave that we should leave, I felt sick, and I was put off having lunch!

Needless to say, I woke up at that point.

I warned you I get weird dreams!

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