Friendship of Ages

First I apologise if the formatting of this blog is a bit different from my normal ones but I’m entering this blog from my iPhone in my parents’ lounge while construction workers are installing the granite bench top in the remodelled kitchen. Maybe the epoxy fumes are getting to me; I don’t know.

Our friends Anne and Steve made the pilgrimage from Carbondale (or as Anne described it, “Carbonjail”) twice to come see us. I’m really humbled they take a moderately long trip to come and see us.

Anne and I were talking and we figured out we’ve now been friends for 20 years this month, a product of surviving Frau Bachir’s German class.

Our friendship has blossomed over the years and she and Steve are like family to me. Anne was the first person I came out to; God bless her she took it all in her stride. Before I came to New Zealand, we’d sit around on my parents’ front lawn on a moderately warm summer’s day and talk about men.

I can’t really put a finger on why we are such good friends. I mean each year we are back in the US, we meet up and it’s like no time as passed and we have no problem picking up where we left off.

I think the truest symbol of our friendship was, despite their car breaking down, delaying their 2nd trip back to Mount Prospect, they rented a car just to get up here. And that is a very special thing to both Noel and me. Just typing it makes my eyes well up with tears!

So to Anne and Steve: we love you guys to pieces! I hope you know that. And here’s to a lifelong friendship that lasts another 60+ years at least!

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